Local Area Activities

Annual National Harbor Events

There are so many fun and exciting activities for everyone to participate in!


No Excuse Workout
Get in shape overlooking the gorgeous waterfront with free fitness classes. Start moving with CardioHIT, Kickboxing or Zumba in the evenings Monday-Wednesday. You can also slow it down and find your core on Saturdays with Yoga.


Miller Farms Farmer's Market
Come and get a taste of all that Miller's Farm has to offer with a Farmer's Market set up at National Harbor every Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 5pm. About Miller Farms: Miller Farms is a 267-acre farm in Clinton, MD that has been family owned and operated since 1840. They grow a wide array of fresh fruits, crisp vegetables, and more! In addition to the farm, they have a bakery full of delicious home-baked goods and handmade ice cream, a nursery abundant with beautiful plants and flowers, a farmer’s market, seasonal displays, and much more! 


Miami International Boat Show
Over 1,300 boats on display in 3 exciting locations, you'll have a full 3 days of excitement that is sure to keep you entertained.  Each year, vendors from all over the world offer everything from fun souvenirs, and clothing to yacht toys, jet-skis, and boats over 200' in length!

South Beach Wine and Food Festival
Who doesn't enjoy food?  Indulge yourself in the finest foods from only the top chefs during this 5 day event in South Beach.  Complete with wine tastings, cocktail parties, and featured talents, your week of culinary excitement will have you seeking out your own new favorite flavors and creations.


Ultra Music Festival
Reserve your tickets for the famous music festival held every year in Miami.  This three day event features the top house music artists, DJs, and spinners in the world. The entire South Beach area becomes one big happy dance party complete with light shows and special effects!


Miami Spice
All of August and September showcases new restaurants each year featuring a pre-designed menu of signature 3-course meals. Be sure to check the calendar for a list of restaurants as reservations a strongly recommended.  


Lantern Light Festival
Over 2,000 years of Chinese culture displayed over a six-week period every night with dazzling lights of different colors, shapes, and themes.  Enjoy incredible culture inspired performances in addition to the cuisine that the world has come to love during their most important celebration highlighting the return of spring!

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